Let’s Begin: Your In-Depth Skin Analysis

  • Identify your skin concerns. What would you like to change or improve?
  • Determine the present condition of your skin.
  • Analyze your current topical home care products and methods.
  • Review and analyze your general health status and the effects on your skin.
  • Evaluate your current medications, supplements and diet to determine imbalances and deficiencies as related to skin health.
  • Design an effective, twice daily, topical home care regime utilizing physician-strength formulas.
  • Provide dietary guidelines and suggest nutrition and supplements to work from the inside out.
  • Accelerate improvement of your skin through the use of a combination of treatment methods designed to stimulate your internal healing mechanism.
  • Enjoy the results and move to a maintenance schedule!

Skin Analysis: Your first visit begins with a consultation to determine your main concerns and a thorough examination of your skin.  I focus on your priorities first, offering education and problem solving solutions.

Topical Home Care: A master plan is designed, with your home care regime being priority.  Much of the improvement in your skin will be determined by twice daily home care using the proper treatment products.

Nutrition and Supplementation: The old saying, “you are what you eat”, goes for your skin, too.  It is our largest organ and the supply of raw materials, necessary to protect, regenerate, and stay hydrated is of the utmost importance to your skin as well.

Professional Treatment: When you choose to expedite your plan, a series of treatments allows me to “push” your skin to accelerate repair.  You will see results at a safe, comfortable pace determined by your skin’s condition.

Maintenance:  Upon completion of your series of treatments, the results will be apparent.  Monthly follow up treatments, along with your daily home care, will keep your skin healthy and beautiful!